New Indo Japan Relation


@ Y. Sei
Expert FICCI Japan Cell
  The settlement of the bubble that burst in the latter half of 80's ends in Japan at last and it begins to make the blueprint toward the 21st century in the Japanese enterprises. One part of the blue print is said to be the rediscovering of the need of investment in foreign countries again. When the Japanese enterprises have been asked the questionnaire of possible destination for investment in foreign countries, India is located to the 2nd place after China in 10~20 years term. However, India is ranked in even after China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines in short term. The amount of investment to India is one tenth of China last year. The 2nd bus after restructuring completion is about to depart now regarding the foreign investment of Japan. Let's think how not to miss this bus.

First of all it is very important that to propagate India being profitable destination to all over world. The biggest reason why so many Japanese enterprises are going China is profitable there. In that meaning, ENRON case is serious minus to advertise India.

Secondly, it may necessary to make new Indo-Japan relation.

For Long Term Credit bank had bankrupted and in 2000 and be bought by a new LTCB partners of Europe in February 2000. LTCB group sent Mr. Yashiro of CITI CO-OP as CEO. And started SHINSEI Bank. Mr. Yashiro brought capable staff from the CITI CO-OP and started complete reform without any taboo. The occupation army corps from CITI includes about 100 India staff. Also number 2 of the business relation department is said to be Indian. He piles up CITI scene training in America and he has no Indian smell at all. He used to behave like an American, speaks in American and thinks in American way. After a year stay in Japan he further changed to adopt Japanese way also. He could not speak Japanese so well, but even in English conversation Japanese people feel not unease at all. He learned how to treat Japanese in Japan.

As CITI CO-OP has experienced to make use of Nucleus Software Export Company Ltd. of India on their software development scheme may be, New bank asked for Nucleus to take up total development scheme of the bank.
Nucleus sent 30 staff from India together with 30 supporting staff from I Flex Mumbai.

Mr. Parminder I Bansil has stayed about one and a half-year in Japan and could speak simple Japanese. Japanese who corresponds with him must communicate in writing in the job site in complicated issue, but there is not the sense of incongruity with the foreigner at all. Since his way of thinking is quite Japanese. Japanese people say he looks Indian but his way of thinking is Japanese.

SONY CORP. opened a new factory at Bangalore in July. The president of Sony and Mr. Aiko, Adviser to Sony, visited Bangalore. CEO of the new company is Indian and no Japanese are working there. Mr. Aiko commented that he did not feel to speak with Indian there, since almost all staff of new company come from USA who speak like an American, think like an American and behave like an American. Three are Americans looks like Indian.

Three examples are shown above and there are common points.

First, Indians mentioned above are young. Japanese lobbies in India and Indian lobbies in Japan have got old. Old people would discuss based on old experiences and old knowledge, which sometime may become barrier of the bridge making between two countries. This young power may be most needed between two countries.

Secondly above-mentioned Indian are forcing the India style on the counter-parts. They are behaving in the manner of Japanese in Japanese. The most important point is they learned how to treat the American in America and acquired the way that treats Japanese in Japan. Indian who succeeded in America never extorted the India style at all and such a thing did not pass in America. Indian who tries to persist babhu of India in America does not succeed. Indian who is also an excellent player of drama possessing the talent of Indian basically would not be so difficult to succeed in States. I want to point out a few of such talents. Indian life is based on bi- or more lingual, and also based on diversity of culture. As Indian people accustomed to these languages and cultures, they are not so difficult to get into different countries. Younger generations understand to make conservative is less profitable than to being 'Romans do". Or a new generation did find, if the India style does not pass in the world, changes to the market. They become cosmopolitans. It is the appearance of a new India cosmopolitan.

Thirdly, the new generation prefers work to meal. Once Japanese were called as the workaholic, and now this word would be given to new generation of India. Meaning of work has changed to 'more work is more money' from 'less work more many'.

New generation mentioned above spring out not only IT but also other industries. There are many in IT cities like in Bangalore and also observed in second generations of auto part manufactures in north and south.

I expect that the young management of Japan would meet and dialogue with such new Indian generation. This new dialogue will help to open new era of Indo-Japan relation.