This Act made provisions for payment of wages to a woman during leave period for giving birth to child, miscarriage, illness arising out of pregnancy, delivery and pre-mature birth of child or miscarriage.

A woman is entitled for full wages during leave for aforesaid reasons. The leave period for delivery of child is 12 weeks while in case of miscarriage, it is 6 weeks. For other reasons, it is one month.

This benefit can be claimed by women who have worked minimum 80 days during last 12 months in establishment. This Act does not apply to any factory-establishment to which gEmployees State Insurance Acth is applicable. The women getting salary of more than Rs. 6,500/- is also not entitled for this benefit.

A notice for claim of this benefit is to be given by women to employer. Employer is prohibited to dismiss the women employee during the entitlement of this benefit. Section 18 of this Act described the conditions when this benefit can be forfeiture.

Provisions for Inspectors to implement this law are also made. Inspectors are given to power to direct employer to make payment under this Act.