This Act require employerfs to clearly define the conditions of employment of its workers i.e. Standing Orders/Service Rules. It has also provisions for due information to employees about these conditions.

This Act applies to establishments who have 100 or more workmen employed. The Centre and State Governments are empowered to extend the provisions of this Act to any establishment employing less than 100 workmen. Now generally all establishments employing more than 50 workmen are covered by this Act.

The Standing Orders are to be certified by Certifying Officer appointed under this Act. The detailed procedures for certification of Standing Order are given.

The Act also provides Model Standing orders. Any establishment can accept these Model Standing Orders also. These Model Standing Orders are temporarily applicable to a establishment which comes under the provisions of this Act and whose Standing Orders are not finally certified.

gThe List of Mattersh to be provided in Standing Orders under this Act is given in Schedule 1 of this Act. In all it is must for providing provisions regarding Rules in 11 matters given in this Schedule.

The conditions for certifying of Standing Orders are given in Section 4 of Act.