A general misunderstanding about this Act is that it is for Labour Unions. This is not correct, even employers have their associations registered under Trade Union Act. Any person other than labour can also make union and that can be registered under this Act.

This Act regulates the conditions of registration-dissolution and their rights & liabilities.

It has provisions for appointment of Registrars for the purpose of registering Trade Unions. It provides procedure for registration of Trade Unions.

Minimum 7 persons are required to make a Trade Union.

It also provides provisions for amalgamation of two or more Trade Unions as one Trade Union.

It describes about objects on which Trade Union fund can be spent. The Trade Unions are also liable to fill certain returns to Registrar. It also contains provisions regarding disqualification of office bearers of Trade Unions. The office bearers and members of Trade Unions have right to inspect Account Books and List of Members of Trade Unions.

It also describes some duties of Registrar.