The Indian Penal Code deals with offences and punishments, more specifically it deals with such offences, which are general in nature. Every civilization took those acts as offences from the beginning of civilization. It also clarify the general exceptions (doing of such acts normally looks a crime but to the special nature of conditions they are not taken as crime) for example, Right of private defence by which any one has given right to protect own or others body or property and any thing done under the right of private defence is not a crime and no punishment can be given.

It is one of the very big laws of India having 511 Sections. It defines meaning of offences, general exceptions and punishments for offenses. It covers about all types of offences like theft, decoity, rape, fraud, forgery, offences against the State ? relating to elections ? corruption ? relating to public servant-justice-defamation etc. etc. Attempt or abetment of any crime is also offence.

This is one of the few laws which must know.