The Government has created Employment Exchanges where any un-employed can get itself registered. The Employment Exchanges helps un-employed to get employment. The main problem of Employment Exchanges is to find the employers. The Parliament of India has enacted this act to solve this problem of finding the employer by Employment Exchanges.

By this Act, it is made compulsory for all employers in public ? private sector (where more than 24 employees are employed) to notify any vacancy to Employment Exchange before 15 days of filling that vacancy. Section-3 of this Act describes certain vacancies for which this Act is not applicable.

It is also very clearly mentioned in this Act that employer is not under any compulsion to fill the vacancies through Employment Exchanges. He has just to inform (notify) about those vacancies.

It has also mandatory provisions of furnishing certain returns by employer to Employment Exchange. It also provides provisions of gaccess to records or documentsh of employer by an officer of Employment Exchange (As per rules, Director of Employment Exchange or any person having written authority from him can access these records).

Non notification of vacancies, non filling of returns and denying any authorised officer to access the records are made offence punishable by Court of Law.