This Act provides worker Medical Relief, Sickness Cash Benefit, Maternity Benefit to Women Workers, Pension to the Dependent of Deceased Workers and Compensation for Injuries during course of Employment.

This Act is applicable on factories which falls under Factory Act. Other Establishment which have 20or more employees are generally covered by this Act. Any employee who receive wages upto Rs. 6,500/- p.m. is eligible to take benefits under this Act.

gEmployees State Insurance Corporation is established for the administration of this Scheme by Central Government;

Contribution by both Employee and Employer are made to this Corporation. The rate of contribution for employees is 1.7% while in case of Employer it is 4.75% of Employeefs wages.

The Workman Compensation Act is not applicable where this Act is implemented. Similarly a woman employee exceeding wages up to Rs. 6,500/- p.m. is not entitled to receive maternity benefit from her Employer. These benefits are given by E.S.I. Corporation to them.