The consumer protection Act is enacted with the purpose to solve consumerfs grievances without complicated and long legal procedure and in simple manner. Any consumer can go to Consumer Courts without any legal practitioner. Complaint is made on simple plain paper. It does not require any Court Fees etc. The lengthy and complicated provisions of Civil Courts and Indian Evidence Act do not apply on it.

This Act provides three tier judicial systems for resolving consumerfs grievances; at District level there are District Forum, at State level State Commission and at National level National Commission.

District Forum had jurisdiction of hearing the cases up to amount involving Rs. Five Lakhs. State Commission has jurisdiction of hearing cases involving amount above five lakhs rupees but limited to twenty lakhs rupees. National Commission have jurisdiction of hearing the cases involving amount above rupees fifty lakhs. The State Commission and National Commission can also hear appeal against the orders of District Forum, District Forum and State Commission respectively. Consumer Courts have very simple procedure both parties pare given opportunity to hear. If required, Courts can also take the help of Laboratory etc.

Any order made by Court, if not implemented by party concerned is punishable by court by way of imprisonment or fine.